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Supporting Our Community Through Action – Special Discount for Those in Need

Introducing the new extra-discount scheme, our aim is to support those facing challenges in renovating or fixing their bathrooms and kitchens.

An Extra 15% Discount for Household Residents in Need.

Eligibility Criteria:

Open to households facing financial difficulties,unable to afford full renovation costs and people with physical disadvantage.

Application Process:

Those interested can apply by emailing us on with your name and contact details. One of our members will shortly get in touch afterwards. Please note that all our calls will be recorded and any false information provided will be regarded as a criminal offence.

Validity Period:

The duration of the scheme is valid till end of december 2024

Terms and Conditions:

Proof of financial hardship or limited capabilities may be requested as part of the procedures and the company DM Wholesale Services Ltd, has the full right to reject, withdraw any application at any point.

At DM Wholesale Services Ltd, we believe in making a difference where it truly matters. Instead of investing in conventional marketing platforms, we dedicate our resources to uplift our local community in times of need.

Our Commitment
In the midst of this challenging climate, we stand with struggling families, offering support and assistance when it matters most. Our actions speak louder than words as we prioritize community well-being over market-driven approaches.

Through direct involvement and hands-on support, we extend aid to those facing hardships, ensuring that no family navigates these tough times alone. From tool supplies to homecare, we are here for our community every step of the way.

Our ethos centers around community empowerment and solidarity. By redirecting our efforts towards meaningful causes, we cultivate a spirit of compassion and unity that transcends mere transactions.

Join us in fostering a culture of support and generosity. Together, we can make a lasting impact and build a stronger, more resilient community for all.

Contact Us
For inquiries or to partner in our community endeavors, reach out to us by email at