Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

It is a stunning, busy city with plenty to see and do. You should go up the cable car to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain for a change of pace. Where the scenery will take away your breath and the day-to-day life worries can be set aside for a while. You can then return to the town to find a bar where everyone gets lost in the salsa rhythm and dances until the early morning hours.

Rio de Janeiro never fails to impress us with its modern outlook reflecting its progress through the ages of yesteryear. The local people’s historical places, sparkling beaches, green belts, and jubilant spirit welcome the visitors to the place where heaven meets the earth.

If Ronaldo played football at the stadium in Maracanã, then Christ the Redeemer positions Rio on the world map. Rio’s carnival with its effervescent samba dancers jiggling their hips attracts thousands of tourists around the world.