Makita BL1850B 5.0Ah 18V LXT Li-Ion Battery

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  • Lightweight and shock-absorbing
  • Foam cell technology
  • Delivers 430% more working capacity compared to Ni-Cad and Ni-MH
  • LED battery indicator
  • Battery protection circuit

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Model Number: BL1850B
Brand: Makita
Barcode: 0088381475730
The Makita BL1850B 5.0 Ah 18V LXT Li-Ion Battery from ITS uses Makita’s optimum charging system, which produces 430% more runtime, and 2x more cycles over the lifetime of the batteries.

A 5x lower self-discharge keeps the battery cells active and ready for use even after long periods of storage, charging at any time will have no effect on the battery.

Built-in shock-absorbing features protect the battery, and sixteen firm-holding contact terminals reduce the risk of power loss/fluctuation in high-vibration work environments.

The battery’s built-in memory chip communicates with the charger to maximize battery life using 3 active controls (current, voltage, and thermal).

With no memory effect, Lithium-Ion batteries can be “topped up” at any time with no effect on battery life.

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